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Railway Sleeper Chest of Drawers

Your bedroom should be a place where you can shut out the world and relax in beautiful surroundings.Turn your bedroom into the relaxing retreat you deserve with some quality hardwood bedroom furniture. Whether it’s a Rosemount Bed or a Linen Chest one piece of Jarabosky furniture can transform a room instantly. From  contemporary designs to rustic items, there’s something to suit everybody.

Blend your own unique look by investing in a complete matching bedroom with additions such as bedside cabinets, washstands, chest of drawers, wardrobes and mirrors.

Our handmade  wooden storage Chests of Drawers are the cornerstone of our bedroom furniture.

Combining beauty and practicality, there’s a chest of drawers or bedside cabinet for your every space, no matter how narrow or tall.

You can choose from a selection of hardwoods; French Oak and Jarrah are the most popular. Jarabosky chests of drawers  and bedside cabinets are crafted with solid hardwood linings in every drawer. Handles can be rustic or comtemporary the choice is yours

You can chose your own configuation  that works around you. The varying sizes of the drawers or cupboards allows you to efficiently store all your clothes and miscellany.

Indented, weathered or smooth, take your pick. Chest of Drawers and Bedside Cabinets are made entirely to order.

Illustrated exampl 5 drawer chest (3 + 2) 36" x 19" x 30"H (914mm x 480mm x 760mm) in Rhodesian Teak  £1235 The indented character is not man-made but the result of the underside of the sleeper set on ballast (stone chippings) for 60/70 years.