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Reclaimed Sleeper Chairs

All our chairs are made in-house by hand; they are not bought in. Chair construction is time consuming and needs meticulous care when assembling if it is to last the life of the table.

The height of all our seating is 18" (460mm) to seat-top height which we have found to be the optimum height for our table heights all being 30" (760mm) high. But this can be altered to customer spec

Any of our chairs can be upholstered over the wooden seats with either leather of fabric or choice or can be adapted to accept the knock out upholstered seats. Customers own fabric can be used if preferred. Whichever method is chosen the cost including material is usually £55 per chair.

Carvers - A word of caution, a comfortable height for a carver arm is 28" (780mm) but if made at this height they will not fit under most tables meaning the chair must remain stood out from the table or, when in use, the occupant is perched on the edge of the chair.We have developed a compromise, the 'bent arm' carver is 28" (780mm) at the backrest but drops to 24 1/2" (620mm) at the front thus allowing the chair to travel, at best, half way beneath the table. Perhaps this is not the most comfortable of arms but it is practical and that aside, the design makes a handsome chair. Additional Cost £95.00 per chair.

The choice of character on chair backrests is left to the customer and these can have heavy feature or light as required.

Captains Chair 

Stylish and comfortable chair with a variety of leather seats to choose from £550.00.       Supplied to customer specification and timber, contact us for quote.

Illustrated example in Rhodesian Teak



High Back Chair

Stalwart of the range - the high back adds style to any table and is surprisingly comfortable. Overall height of backrest is 48" (1220mm). £345.00

Upholstered option £55.00 extra

Arms can be added to chairs at an additional cost of £95 per chair. Any of our range of chairs can be supplied as a carver chair.

  Illustrated in French Oak                              Upholstered                             Carver illustrated in Mukwa



Low Back Chair

Exact model of the highback but 9" (230mm) lower for those circumstances where the high back may not be appropriate. Overall height of backrest 39" (990mm). £325

     Illustrated in French Oak



Rail Back Chairs

Lighter weight chair of modern appearance but still managing to retain the sleeper look. Overall height of backrest 46" (1170mm). £380   Additional arms at £95.00 per chair

This chair comes with knockout upholstered seat to customer choice or it can be supplied with a solid wooden seat.  The cost is the same.

   Illustrated in Mukwa                         Illustrated in Rhodesian Teak

Queen Anne Chair

A slightly different direction for our chairs for those requiring a lighter look. Overall height of backrest is 48" (1220mm). £400  Additional arms at £95 per chair.

    Illustrated in French Oak