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Norseman Dining Table from Reclaimed Railway Sleepers

Over decades railway oak sleepers have naturally seasoned, becoming rich in colour, lustre and texture. Here at Jarabosky we reclaim it for high quality handmade furniture, unlocking its character and revealing a beauty never seen before.

We produce a range of exceptionally sturdy tables weighing anything up to 400kg.

Jarabosky set 2 v2 RT

As the name suggests, a rugged uncompromising piece of furniture that really makes a statement. This dining table has a 4" (100mm) solid sleeper detachable lid. Any size is possible but  width is generally restricted to multiples of 9" (230mm).

Illustrated Dining Table & High Back Chairs in French Oak

Popular Sizes Table Only
60" x 27" (1520mm x 690mm) - 4 seater £1645
66" x 36" (1680mm x 915mm) - 6 seater £2115
80" x 45" (2030mm x 1140mm) - 8 seater £2645
96" x 63" (2440mm x 1140mm) - 10 seater £3175
63" x 63" (1600mm x 1600mm) - Square 8 on HD centre ped. £2935

All tables are 30" (760mm) in height uness otherwise stated. Oil, wax or lacquer finish (See finishes). Sizes are for guidance only and all products can be made to customer specifications.

Mirror in French Oak, Tall Wine Rack in Jarrah & sideboard im Mukwa